Orlando Scrum Gathering – I’m going to be a doctor soon!

In about 5 minutes I’m going to play the role of being a “doctor” at the Scrum Clinic which is part of the Orlando Scrum Gathering.  It’s an interesting concept.  A doctor and a patient meet to discuss a topic important to the patient.  In my case the patient wants to talk about the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) program.  Since I am a CSC and all of my CSC brethren wimped out I’ll be the one acting as doctor.  I’m looking forward to it so I’m only kidding about the rest of them wimping out!

More on the Scrum Gathering later this week.  It’s bee great so far!

About Bob Hartman

Bob is founder of Agile For All, as well as a Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board for the Scrum Alliance. He is passionate about helping organizations use agile principles and values to achieve their full potential. He travels frequently and always brings his "NO!" button (because many companies are already doing too many things and not saying no enough!)