In defense of the Scrum Alliance

Have you ever felt really let down by someone you respect?  I guess the way the world is today we can all cite a long list of people that are famous and respected who let us down (as a golfer, the picture to the left is one that comes to mind for me) so maybe the question was kind of stupid.  But the point isn’t.  We’ve all been there.  Last week I experienced it yet again.  Tobias Mayer is someone who I have respected as a person and as an amazing Scrum Trainer for a long time.  He is rather unique, interesting, creative and spontaneous.  He’s also very intelligent.  I’m pretty sure those qualities are things the Scrum Alliance considered when they hired him earlier this year as Creative Director.  Unfortunately, he is also a bit too idealistic sometimes. That doesn’t usually bother me, but right now it does. [Read more…]