Certified ScrumMaster Course FAQs

Are all Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster courses the same?

Absolutely not! The Scrum Alliance states that “while the Scrum Alliance provides a list of core concepts that must be covered in the class, each instructor creates his or her own material, allowing courses to differ based on the strengths, interests, and experiences of the instructor.”

In our courses, you’ll have the opportunity to exercise the people skills of facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution and leadership. We believe these skills are necessary to be successful within the roles of ScrumMaster and Product Owner. See our course descriptions for more information.

Can anyone teach a Scrum Alliance Certified course?

No, only those whom the Scrum Alliance recognizes as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) may lead a CSM course. There are approximately 145 CSTs throughout the world. Agile For All’s Bob Hartman is one of only 25 or so people recognized as both a Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Scrum Coach. We believe this dual certification shows the depth of experience Bob brings to each course.

Do all CSM course attendees become Certified ScrumMasters?

Unfortunately, no. There are 3 main reasons for not achieving CSM status after a course:

  1. The individual did not meet the trainer’s expectations of attendance and is therefore ineligible for CSM status.
  2. After the course, the attendee did not follow directions in the Scrum Alliance generated email inviting them to set up a profile.
  3. After setting up a profile, the attendee did not complete and/or pass the online CSM evaluation administered by the Scrum Alliance.

What is there beyond CSM?

The Scrum Alliance has several certifications available. Depending on the individual, one or more of the certifications described at www.scrumalliance.org may be something to strive for. It’s recommended that most people achieving CSM status start working to become a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).

How can it take 2 days to teach the Scrum recipe?

Teaching the Scrum framework basics is only a small portion of our courses. We go into detail on how to hold effective meetings, do effective estimation and planning, how to facilitate, coach, resolve conflict and lead a team. Click here to see a detailed course description.

Why is becoming a CSM important?

There are currently well over 60,000 people recognized as CSMs around the world. In many industries the CSM designation is a requirement for employment as a leader of an Agile or Scrum team. This may change as organizations recognize the increased value of people holding a CSP certification, but we are not there yet. In the meantime, becoming a CSM is a pre-requisite for becoming a CSP.

Do you have references from people who have taken your courses?

We have many. The sidebar on this page shows you how our recent courses have been rated. Below our ratings, you’ll see some quotes taken directly from course evaluation forms. In addition, you can look at Bob Hartman’s CST application to see what students, organizations and other Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Scrum Coaches wrote in support of his application.

What if we want to register multiple people for a course?

We give discounts for groups of 3 or more. If you have a group of 12 or more, it probably makes sense to bring the course to you. We do on-site courses for many organizations in this situation. For more information, contact us at 303.766.0917 or courses@agileforall.com.

The Scrum Alliance website says there are discounts available. How do I get the discounted price?

Discounted pricing is based on when you pay for the workshop. Generally, signing up more than 30 days in advance provides the largest discount. Visit our course registration page and find the workshop you want to attend to review deadlines for discounted registration.

What if I’m down on my luck (ie. under employed), do you give discounts?

We do! Email courses@agileforall.com and share your situation. In Colorado, you may qualify for Workforce in Action funding which could cover the entire course fee for you. If you are paying for the course yourself, we’ll talk about your budget and whether we can work with it. We haven’t turned anyone away yet.

What if we aren’t happy with the results of the course?

If you aren’t satisfied at the end of a course, let us know. We’ll refund your registration fee after asking you to write a short note explaining why you aren’t happy and how we can make the course better.

I’m interested in attending, are there still seats available?

Visit our course registration page and find the workshop you want to attend. If it doesn’t show as sold out, then seats are still available. We usually allow registrations right up to the last hour before a workshop.

I’ve registered for these workshops in the past, only to have it cancelled. Will I have to worry about this?

We very rarely cancel a class. On the rare occasion that a class is canceled, we usually do it 3-4 weeks in advance, refund the entire purchase price and provide you with a discount code for a future class. Workshops still listed within 2 weeks of course dates will not be canceled, except under extreme circumstances.